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At Truly Pest Solution, we offer the best pest control service for real estate at affordable prices. When it comes to pre-construction anti-termite treatment, we are your trusted experts. We understand the importance of protecting your real estate investment from the ground up. Our dedicated team of professionals specializes in providing top-notch termite control solutions We specialize in pest control service for real estate, focusing on anti termite treatment for plinth/foundation.

About Our Pre-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment

At Truly Pest Solution, we understand that termite control is a top priority for real estate owners. That's why we offer the ideal pest control service for real estate: our highly effective pre-construction anti-termite soil treatment.

Our pre-construction anti-termite treatment is an important aspect of pest control for real estate. It typically includes a range of services to prevent termite infestations in the early stages of construction. These include:

1 Soil Treatment: The application of termiticides to the soil surrounding the construction site. This creates a chemical barrier that repels termites, preventing them from entering the structure.
2 Foundation Treatment: Treating the foundation walls, footings, and underground portions with termiticides to create a protective barrier against termite intrusion.
3 Wood Treatment: Applying termiticides to wooden structural elements, such as wooden stakes, formwork, or any exposed wood susceptible to termite damage.
4 Termite Baits: Placing termite bait stations strategically around the construction site to attract and eliminate termites before they can reach the building.
5 Barrier Installation: Installing physical barriers, such as stainless steel mesh or termite-resistant materials, to prevent termites from accessing vulnerable areas of the structure.
6 Regular Inspections: Conducting scheduled inspections throughout the construction process to monitor termite activity and ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.

Why Choose Truly Pest Solution for Pre-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment?

Tailored Solutions: Effective, customized strategies for optimal pest control service for real estate.

Research-Backed Approach: Advanced techniques, proven results for long-lasting termite control.

Eco-friendly Methods: Sustainable, safe pre-construction anti-termite treatment with minimal environmental impact.

Hassle-free Experience: Professional service, minimal disruptions to real estate owners.

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Client Reviews

I have working here for 1.5 years, and after taking Truly Pest Solution's services we did not face any issues regarding pests. They offer instant & fast solutions to the problems and we expect to get these solutions in the future as well.

KFC Restaurant Manager

KFC Restaurant Manager

I have known Truly Pest Solution for the past 4 years. First of all, there is no doubt about their services, they work day in and day out and are available whenever we need them. Their technicians are amazing whether it be for their behaviour or their work. So be assured that you can trust them with their services, we have trusted them for the last 4 years and they have offered tremendous services and we hope to continue their services in the future as well.

KFC City Center 2

KFC General Manager City Center 2

I'm extremely happy with Truly Pest Solution's services, we have been taking their services for the last 8 years. It was overall a good experience with them. There were so such major complaints we received since we started taking their services. I wish them good luck with their future services!

Mani Group

Mani Group

I have been associated with Truly Pest Solution for the last 5 years and their services are wonderful. Their powder and gel solutions are too good, I have never faced any problems in terms of pests. Also, their flies and mosquito solutions are quite powerful, which is a problem I generally face. The technicians are really good and they understand the problem quite well, they analyse the gaps by themselves and also fill them in and provide feedback as well. I want to recommend Truly Pest Solution to others.

The Orient New Town

The Orient New Town

We have been taking their expert solution for more than 5 years now. I must say that we are really satisfied with the services rendered by Truly Pest Solution. In fact, What I really appreciate about them is that every time there has been a need they have reasoned to this occasion, whether it was in the time of covid or there is any other outbreak. Sometimes, pest control is a very big chapter that we know. I truly appreciate their efforts and wish them good luck in their future contracts or services.

Medica Superspecialty Hospital

Indrani Sanyal GM Housekeeping at Medica Superspecialty Hospital

Our Hygiene Hotel Rating Audit from FSSAI has completed today successfully and i just wanted to thank you for bringing out the best in the team and striving for excellence, it helped us lot to score 94.5% and not even a single pest found during the audit and well-maintained record keeping.

Taj Bengal

Taj Bengal

Tata Medical Center

Tata Medical Center



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Bharti Walmart



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Jindal Steel & Power

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