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Imortant Facts About Flies

Flight Behaviour :
Peak Periods – during the daylight hours.
Resting Behaviour :
Set Times – evening and normally rest in high areas in building. They prefer to rest on straight lined structures such as electrical cords.
Grouping Pheromones :
While pheromones can attract flies, the smell is unacceptable. Flies will group when resting or feeding on a food source.
Movements :
Flies will adjust movement to search air for scents of foods. Once detected, they will fly in a pattern of the strongest smell.
5 Flies play a role in cycling organic material and spreading various disease causing pathogen likes salmonella bacteria, E. coli, Vibrio cholerae, etc.
6 experience a four-stage life cycle: Eggs, Maggot, Pupa and Adult.
7 Adult flies can live up to 30 days.

How we eradicate Fly from your home?

IFCS is a comprehensive and integrated pest management service that will help you to minimize fly infestation at your Home.

Our goal is to find and eliminate the area where larvae breed. In order to efficient Fly control our pest professional will perform 5 steps of Truly care to get rid of fly infestation from your home.