What is Retail Service?

Stored product insects are perennial problems in retail store where they damage and contaminate food products also animal feed. Their presence causes loss of customer good will, guarantees the presence of allergens. These pests may be resident in store or invade stores from nearby areas, but often they are introduced in product delivered from infested warehouse.

Anyway, when people see pests in your store, or even if they just see signs of pest infestation, the usually get disgusted and that’s not the feeling you want to inspire in customers.

Fortunately, retail pest control is not complicated. We provide you very good and safe service to control pest in retail environment.

We will inspect your premises and treat any existing infestation. We also discover with you about preventive measure and point out problem areas. We will schedule regular follow up inspection and preventive treatment so that you never have to fret about retail pest control again.