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At Truly, we deliver the highest level of quality service in health care facilities and take pride in protecting your facility from unwanted and potentially threatening pests. With extra special attention to the needs of your patients, Truly has developed a pest management program that delivers effective solutions for health care industry pest management issues and includes specific treatment protocols.

Problems Faced
Problems Probable Areas for Infestation Reason
Cockroach Kitchen, Restaurants, Service Lift, Staff Locker Availability of ready and enough food, warmth and shelter
Rodents All the peripheral areas and peripheral inside For searching of foods and shelter
Bed - Bug All The Guest Rooms, Laundry, Staff Locker Cross infestation by guests, staff, improper service and maintenance
House Fly Lobby, Restaurants, Entry Gate, Receiving Gate For searching of food and shelter
Fruit Fly Main Kitchen, Fruit Counter, Receiving Gate Cross infestation through fruits and vage, open kitchen garbage favourable for breeding
and fooding, fast breeding capabilities
Mosquito Lobby, Entry Gate, and Other Guest
areas including Guest Rooms
Lots of greenery for shelter, water for breeding, open entry points which are not
Possible to keep close all the time because of the guest movements
Microbial Organism OT, ICCU, ITU, Children Ward, etc Microbial sterilization

Truly understands that hospital facilities are very unique environments where pests and pest control are major concerns that need to be dealt with rapidly and safely. We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively rid healthcare establishments of pest problems while maintaining the health and safety of all of the patients and staff. Truly adheres to Integrated Pest Management protocols to reduce any possible exposure to pesticides and pest control measures. We work to seamless integrate our service with the workings of your facility so your patients and staff may not even be aware that service is being done. Truly is the right choice for your Hospital pest control needs. We treat each account individually and create a unique service plan for every hospital with the customer’s needs and constraints addressed from the beginning. 

Nursing Homes

As a leading expert in pest control, Truly provides reassurance from pests to Nursing Homes and we are sensitive to the special needs of working in a healthcare environment. Truly Technicians are trained in time tested Truly protocols to maintain the highest standards in hygiene to avoid cross-contamination; they are sensitive to the impact of pest control service in public areas and use molecules best suited for the environment. 

Day Care & OPD’s

Here at Truly, we understand the unique challenge presented in keeping health care facilities viz. Day Care & OPD’s pest free.  With extraordinary attention to the special needs of your patients , we have developed a protocol that delivers a solution to your pest control issues.  We’ve taken an integrated approach that is focused on addressing your immediate concerns and added prevention strategies for long term resolution. Health care facilities are complex environments and pest activity in sensitive areas can have a profound impact on patient health and welfare. 

Pathology Labs

Health care facilities viz. Pathology Labs operate in a complex environment with significant regulatory oversight. Moreover, pest activity in pathology labs can have a profound impact on patient health and labs reputation. A healthy, aseptic environment must be maintained for patient well-being. To ensure the highest level of quality service in health care facilities, Truly utilizes the most up-to-date Integrated Pest Management (IPM) protocols to ensure that the pathology lab remains safe and sanitary for patients and employees. IPM is markedly different from traditional pest control involving heavy application of pesticides; instead, pesticide applications are used judiciously and intelligently so as to optimize their efficacy using the least amount of chemical without disrupting the ongoing activities of the lab.

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