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The production and packaging of food products is a highly competitive industry that demands the most, standards of quality and hygiene. In this environment, contamination of food from even minor pest activity is totally unacceptable.

Our objectives of pest management in food processing industry are to prevent the introduction of pests onto the site and reduce the condition that may encourage this presence.

Our proactive pest control services are designed especially for food manufactures and food processing companies to ensure that pest activity will not have a negative impact on your standards or those of your customers.

Problems Faced

Problems Probable Areas for Infestation Reason
Bed - Bug All the Labour Hut Cross Infestation by Guests, Staff, Improper Service and Maintenance
Store grain insect pest In all the Raw Material, Godown, Processing, Packaging, Storage Areas Availability of ready and enough Food, Warmth and Shelter and Breeding Place
Fruit Fly In all the Raw Material, Godown, Processing, Packaging, Storage areas Cross infestation through Fruits and Vage, Open Garbage Favourable for Breeding and Fooding, fast breeding capabilities

Manufacturing Facilities

Truly understands the importance of managing pests in a manufacturing facility. We have successfully served the manufacturing industry for many years. We offer an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program with monthly inspections, monitoring and treatment of the facility. Our successful protocols are carefully designed so as to facilitate an environment which is clean, safe and hygienic. 

Food Processing Factories

Pest management is challenging in a food processing facility—the abundance of food, ideal moisture and temperature conditions, extended business hours and various harborage sites create conducive conditions that allow pest infestationsto thrive. Maintaining a safe, clean site requires facility managers to be fullyaware of these challenges and be ready to face them. The food processing industry is subject to a numberof regulating bodies. There are specific guidelines and regulations viz. HACCP that dictate what products can be used, where those products can be used and what level of control must be achieved. At Truly we are equipped with unmatched protocols that dictates our leadership in serving food processing units.

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