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Complexes Overview

Truly Nolen India Complexes Truly Nolen India Complexes Truly Nolen India Complexes
Problems Faced
Problems Probable Areas for Infestation Reason
Termite Total Building For Searching of Food
Rodents All the peripheral areas and peripheral inside For searching of Food and Shelter
Cockroach Drains, Manholes, Sanitary Pipelines, inside the Flats (for individual contracts) For searching of Foods and Shelter and Breeding areas
Mosquito All the Greens, Pool Side, lobby, Entry Gate, and inside of flat woner’s flat Lots of greenery for shelter, water for breeding, open entry points which are not Possible to keep close all the time because of the guest movements.
Bed - Bug Labour Hut/Quarters Cross infestation by Labour, Staff, Improper Service and Maintenance
Building Complexes

Insects that buzz around us in the yard or invade our homes are often just a nuisance, but some are damaging to our food or possessions and create health hazards by invading our hygiene.. A few simple preventative measures stop most problems before they begin. The most effective pest control is usually the simplest: remove their food supply and breeding sites. This includes such steps as managing garbage so that it is less attractive, cleaning up spilled food, especially pet food, and eliminating damp conditions around the house. Sometimes, however, you may have to be a detective to find the source of an infestation. At Truly we have devised effective protocols to handle and manage any and every type of pest  problems that you can think of.

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