The Reason Why Cockroach Infestations Are More Prevalent In Kitchen!

American Cockroach

In India, just the word “cockroach” is enough to make a woman frightened and obnoxious. Our food, drinks, and utensils are all contaminated by roaches, and they also smell horrible. Numerous illnesses, including diphtheria and gastrointestinal ailments, can be caused by it.

Ideal Place where we find Cockroaches

In modern kitchens, roaches are common Pest Problem, but if the kitchen is modular, the problem will be severe. Although there are more than a thousand species of roaches, we often only see four of them in our daily lives. Among them, the American and German cockroaches are very unique and frequently disturb humans.


What to avoid ?

We might be able to change the situation if we can stop some of our bad habits. Deny food, deny water, and deny shelter will be the fundamental thinking steps.

Avoid leaving dirty utensils out overnight or for an extended period of time. Those dirty dishes attract roaches, especially German roaches. Just wet the plates or other utensils before bed if a thorough wash is not feasible. Without substance, Roaches will suffer.


Avoid placing used caskets, empty milk cartons, or other similar worthless items near or in your kitchen. Avoid using paper to cover your kitchen cabinets. Roaches like to remain in those warm, humid environments. At least once a week, wash the floor of your kitchen, the racks, and the trash can with hot water.


Lastly, if everything else fails

If you notice that this is insufficient to control your cockroach problem, we advise that you speak with a Professional Pest Management Company.

A professional company is able to provide service without changing your facilities. The service will be odorless and safe effective for the target pest and cost-effective.

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